• Image of 2019 Calendars to support Camp Cocker Rescue!

THREE different choices of calendar styles, each chock full of creativity and gorgeous photos. You won't want to throw these out at the end of the year, they are keepers for sure.

Each calendar comes with additional bonus pages, with inspirational stories about some of the major medical dogs we are known to save.

Style #1) CAMP COCKER CALENDAR - each page is filled with lots of pictures of our current dogs and many of our alumni dogs, plus each page features one of our Calendar Contest Winners.

Style #2) MONKEY BUSINESS CALENDAR - back by popular demand, this whimsical calendar features alumni Stuart and Piccolo as they get into all kinds of Monkey Business, while they spread the word to support animal rescue. This calendar is guaranteed to make you smile all year round!

Style #3) VIOLET AROUND THE WORLD CALENDAR - this is Violet's first time having a calendar of her very own. She is one of the handi-capable members of the Camp Cocker Forever Foster home program. Each page features Violet traveling somewhere in the world on a mission to raise awareness for animal rescue and to highlight that "imperfect" dogs have so much to offer!

1 calendar for $5 (regular price $20)